A little About uS...

Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries (AFIRM) is the vision of Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D. Through over twenty years of leadership, Apostle Marino has discovered the true importance of educating clergy and ministry leaders, in the need to be there for them, on having an inclusive ministry approach, and in the need to stand as an agent for leaders who have been hurt and are in need of healing from the difficulties of ministry life and work.

Beyond the work of leadership empowerment, Apostle Marino is involved with women's issues and advocacy, advocacy and inclusion of minority communities, LGBTQ support and inclusion, prison re-entry, addiction recovery and family support, national and international missions, and encouragement and edification for people who are typecast or stereotyped by society. Here, we are one: one in purpose, one in love, covenant, and unity.

Apostle Marino is known among many for her sense of humor, her belief in the power of prayer and that honesty and transparency can change the negative way many look at ministry, and has spent many years telling the truth about herself, her ministry experiences (both positive and negative), and connecting with audiences and most importantly, ministers, who are in need of strong leadership that understands the needs those who guide and lead others have. Apostle embodies counseling, empathy, understanding, and hope in her messages and purpose to leaders.

Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries has undergone many changes and transformations over the years, including the addition of the word "Revival" to our name, echoing our original history as Revival Ministries International, in late 2017. Our different outreaches have included conferences and themes for women, for women in leadership, leaders, healing, and the movement and expanse of the Holy Spirit. In our current season, we are focusing on hosting events that revolve around national and international missions, leadership and healing for leaders, celebration of off-the-beaten track ministries and works that are different from the norm, Apostle Marino's author events, and leadership and women's retreats. In terms of our broadcasting, we seek to produce quality programs that reach audiences who will connect with our message, as well as with us.

Mission, Vision And Philosophy

  • Mission Statement

    Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries seeks to proclaim the good news of the Gospel of Jesus christ to every creature, in every nation, in all the world.

    We seek to present spirituality as a practical, applicable part of everyday life, that salvation is not about death but about life, even life today manifest through saving power, and that the power of salvation can be manifest through obtaining victory in one's life.

    We seek to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, by introducing all to the power of Jesus Christ; to let them know that being a Christian means to be Christ-like in belief and character, to believe in Him, to be transformed by Him, and to stand upon His apostolic doctrinal foundation and apostolic leadership, and in letting all mankind know that the Kingdom of God is within and all around believers, and that all can be a part of the Kingdom of God through their choice and action, through the empowerment of making change in their lives, and turning toward the fullness of truth.


  • Vision Statement

    Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries seeks to take the Gospel to the nations, reaching every nation with the saving power of Jesus Christ through work with church leadership and church members in the form of apostolic oversight and education, through television, radio, and the internet, through the printed word, through conferences, seminars and comprehensive education through Apostolic University, through the living witness of outreach to our community, women, inmates, the sick, and the hurting. Our vision is to stand as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

  • Our Philosophy

    This is the House of God -
    That means we leave politics outside this door.
    We do not argue, nor debate them here and we respect differences of political opinion.
    We do not preach or tolerate hate within these walls,
    and we open the door for discussion on different ideas.

    We believe in deliverance and restoration, and that God's got the cure for anything that ails you, no matter what it might be -
    Spiritual, physical or emotional –
    And that we are here for you:

    Rich, poor, middle class, or what’s next,
    Feminist, womanist,
    Black, white, or Hispanic;
    Asian, Indian, or Indigenous,
    Immigrant, refugee, foreigner or wanderer;
    LGBT or Q, straight, or in between;
    Conservative or liberal,
    Or whatever falls in the middle;
    Hoping, expecting, knowing, or still unsure…
    We are here to welcome you in,
    Become your friend, hold you up and 
    Always remind you:

    No matter who you are, what you've done, what you think, where you've been, or what you've been through –

    You are welcome in this place.


Sights of Ministry